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Tailored recruitment solution

At KennediaConnext, we dedicate to deliver recruitment solution which is tailored to the unique needs of our client. We strive to understand assignment via thoroughly discussion ranging from basic job description to our client’s working culture. Each of the shortlisted candidates is meticulously selected to ensure that he/she will best suit the client’s needs.

Active and comprehensive database to deliver the shortlist of top-notch candidate within the limited timeframe

Time constraint is key obstacle for recruiter to search out the right employee. At KennediaConnext, we seek, screen and interview potential candidate at all time in order to locate top-notch candidate available in the job market at the moment. Thus, our client can reap maximum benefit from our updated & comprehensive database right away.

Value-added service

Recruitment decision requires information beyond simple qualification contained in resume! At KennediaConnext, we are well-aware that each career position requires personnel of exceptional skill and personality. That is the reason why we carefully evaluate the candidate during our interview session. We provide our client not only shortlisted candidate’s strength and weakness, but also candidate’s evaluation test upon the client’s request. On top of that, we regularly update the job market condition & trend so that our client is always one step ahead of any competitors.

Professional Treat

Our team poses intense experience in diverse industries and working cultures. Hence, candidate is ensured that we truly understand your unique background and career need. It is our policy that candidate information is strictly confidential. Candidate can comfortably enjoy his/her career springboard with KennediaConnext.

Sincere advice & service to enhance candidate’s career path

At KennediaConnext, candidate is not just part of ordinary headhunting procedure. We devote to be the candidate’s lifetime partner! Candidate will receive our truthful advices on career path strategy, optimal remuneration package and job-related decision based on his/her unique background, qualification and personality.

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